Todd School:

Seat Sacks $3,156.57 (Michelle Kiger & Erin Kassas - Kindergarten & 2nd grade)

A chair pocket storage system for all K-2 classrooms, including Special Education classrooms, for students to organize their materials.

Lego Education Spike Kit $4,179.20 (Amira Lahlouh - STEAM)

16 LEGO kits that can be used to build and code to accompany a LEGO Education app on student iPads. Goal is to integrate kits into all K-5 classrooms, finding cross-curricular connections with ELA, science, social studies, and math.

PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) $4,500.00 (Jessica Pappas, Debra Fried, Jessica Michelidis, Ann Marie Foley - Administration, thanks to Stephanie Grace)

Awarded in partnership with the Briarcliff PTA, this program encourages reading at home to supplement school and library reading programs as well as strengthens student and family reading habits. Each family will receive one book to read together with their children along with a simple schedule and curriculum.

Middle School:

Merge EDU Cubes $5,244.19 (Tracy Campanile, District Instructional Technology mentor, Jessica Loprieno, Julie Gallagher, Robert Iovino, Jodi Shearer - Middle School Science Team)

One set of Merge EDU Cubes for each grade level, a school-wide subscription to Merge EDU platform components, and a professional development training. The Merge Cube is a foam cube that can be scanned with an iPad app for students to engage with hands-on science concepts in 3D.



The Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation, established in 1995, seeks to enhance the education of students in the Briarcliff Manor school district by granting innovative, cutting-edge programs and projects that are beyond the scope of public school funding.