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Thank you for your interest in submitting a grant proposal to the BMEF.
The BMEF is a non-profit organization that exists to provide support to the Briarcliff Manor School District. Every proposal is reviewed with the care and consideration necessary to make responsible decisions regarding the expenditure of community-donated funds.

Please review the following guidelines prior to your submission.

School Year 2019/2020 Grants Cycle Timeline

December 20

Deadline for Grant applications Submitted.

January 11

Grant Status Reports Due (For 2019 grant awardees)
(To access and complete status report, click here)

January– March

Review of grant applications by district and BMEF Grants Committee. Follow up with applicants as necessary.

April 2020

BMEF Board meeting to discuss and approve grants for 2020.


2020 Grant Awardees Announced.

The Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation
Grant Submission Guidelines and Application

Please review the following guidelines prior to your submission.

1. Student and community member applications require a BMUFSD faculty member sponsor.

2. To start the application please click the button below. You can start the application and save it by going to the end of the form and submitting it to complete at a later date. You will also be able to upload any supporting documentation.

3. Submit 2-3 quotes from different vendors, only one of these vendors need to be from an approved district vendor. Please indicate if a vendor is approved or not. You can contact Nicole Susa to find out if a vendor is approved.

4. All grants should be reviewed by your building principal and the District Director of Technology (or their designee) prior to application submission.

5. Applications for projects and programs that have previously received BMEF Grant Funding are permitted, HOWEVER, the BMEF cannot guarantee there will be adequate funding available for repeat grant requests after new grant submissions are reviewed and approved. There may be an opportunity for partial funding.

6. The BMEF’s priority in funding grants is for innovative and creative projects, programs, and/or equipment that are currently outside the scope of the district’s available budget.

7. The deadline for grant submissions is December 20.

8. Through a series of meetings, reviews and follow up in January, February and March 2020, the BMEF Grant Committee will make recommendations on grant funding that will be voted upon by the entire BMEF Board of Directors at our annual meeting in April 2020. Applicants will be notified of grant decisions after that time.

9. Grants are generally expected to be funded in the next fiscal year following submission. If funds are desired prior to that, please indicate this and the reasoning in the appropriate area of this application.

10. Submissions of grant proposals outside of the normal time cycle of review and approval are discouraged. However, there may be unique circumstances that allow for the BMEF to consider “Out of Cycle” requests. Please contact [email protected] with questions about this.

11. We welcome you to contact the BMEF Grant Committee with any questions during your application preparation process at [email protected]

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