Our Mission

To enhance educational opportunities in the Briarcliff Manor Public Schools by engaging the support of educators, students, parents, alumni, community members, and the business community.

To benefit students through the financial support of programs, activities, and resources that enhance the school.

To encourage and support the professional growth of school staff by providing opportunities for additional education and development that would benefit students.

To increase the community’s awareness of and support for the Briarcliff Manor Public Schools.

Our Vision

We recognize the necessity of supporting and enhancing the quality education of the Briarcliff Manor school district given the natural limits of the school budget. We strive to do more, to offer superior tools to our students, teaching staff and administrators, to encourage the possibilities that come with the freedom of thought and exploration, to help foster the growth and development essential to educating children in today’s modern age. Everyone in our village plays a role in supporting this pillar of our community.